How far would you go to support Marlborough’s young people? 9,000 feet in the air is one answer according to Paul and Grant from New Zealand King Salmon.

The Drop for Youth Campaign is inviting adrenaline junkies from all over to free fall in the name of helping local youth. It was the Graeme Dingle Foundation’s idea to challenge those with the stomach for skydiving – including our very own Paul McIntyre and Damian Cotton.

Paul and Damian aren’t the only fearless fundraisers taking part, however, with several other local legends having also signed up to jump next year in February.

The Graeme Dingle Foundation helps over 50% of Marlborough’s young people every week through support programmes which aid wellbeing and development.

‘’Through our programmes, Marlborough young people learn the skills needed to be successful in the workplace, and communities of the future,’’ the Foundation says.

Graeme Dingle currently works with over 27,000 five to 18-year-olds throughout New Zealand. Their programmes help youth deal with a range of adolescent struggles, from mental health and wellbeing to future employment and career pathways.

As gold supporters of the Graeme Dingle Foundation, New Zealand King Salmon are always willing to get involved – and no challenge is too extreme.

‘’It’s a fantastic cause and the benefits are endless. You can’t put a price on our future generations,’’ Paul says.

‘’These programmes work wonders in our local schools. As a parent with school-aged children, I think it’s so important to support foundations such as Graeme Dingle who care so much about our kids,’’ Grant says.

If you’d like to donate, ‘chute’ over to Paul and Grant’s give-a-little page via the link below! Any show of support is appreciated.

For more information on Drop for Youth and the Graeme Dingle Foundation, see the links below