Our Operations

Egg to plate

From breeding right through to branding, we believe a key component to delivering the highest quality salmon products to consumers and chefs around the world is maintaining control of our processes.


Following transfer from freshwater facilities, salmon are grown for up to 18 months in one of our Marlborough Sounds sea farms.

Hatchery & broodstock facilities

We operate two freshwater facilities for broodstock, smolt and as risk mitigation. Broodstock are tagged and monitored throughout their lives – we assess the best female and male salmon for our breeding programme.


Salmon are transferred to our harvest barge, where they are humanely dispatched and transported on ice by specialised tankers to our Nelson processing facility on the same day.


Whole salmon are weighed, gilled and gutted. Depending on customer demand, further processing such as filleting, portioning and smoking may also take place.


A wide variety of fresh, smoked and value-added products are dispatched to both foodservice and retail customers under our Regal, Southern Ocean, and Omega Plus brands. The highest quality whole salmon are labelled Ōra King and individually numbered for traceability.