New Zealand King Salmon (NZKS) have a range of regionally and nationally significant projects in the short, medium, and long term, which will help sustainably grow aquaculture in Aotearoa. NZKS have appeared on the ‘Stakeholder list’ for the fast-track bill along with around 181 other parties. We received a letter on the 3rd of April from the Hon Chris Bishop letting us know that the online application form was now live, and we were welcome to apply like any other applicant. This was at the same time as the process went public. The reason we received this letter was because we had tested with officials at a high-level what might fit within the scope of a fast-track approach. One example is that we are exploring building a new green-fields factory in Nelson, which would be of significance to the regional economy.

We are still deciding whether the fast-track option is a suitable fit for any of our projects, and we value having it as a potential tool for future use if appropriate to achieve our company’s future vision. It is important to note that while companies may choose to use this consenting tool, this does not remove the onus on companies to engage with its communities, tangata whenua and stakeholders that are essential to establishing the long-term social licence for whatever activities and industries they are part of.

As a company, we will make measured and responsible choices about which legislative processes to use, based on our own terms and timeframes. Our future growth vision will bring significant employment and wider benefits to our regional communities, and much needed export-led growth for our economy. We stand confident and proud to be a part of a strong, sustainable aquaculture primary sector, and as a company ready to invest in its people and Aotearoa’s economy. We also look forward to the government developing a long-term functional consenting system that helps New Zealand unlock its economic potential.

It is also important to add that the government’s proposed marine farm consent extension bill is important to our company being able to achieve these positive outcomes. Uncertainty is the enemy of investment. The issue of consents expiring is shared across many aquaculture businesses and regions. The case for this extension bill could not be stronger, and anything that can support a sustainable primary sector in Aotearoa should be encouraged.

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