Media release 29 September 2016 –  “Innovation is the key pathway to business success for the Top of the South, for people to prosper and thrive and to maintain sustainability,” says New Zealand King Salmon CEO, Grant Rosewarne.

He says it’s no longer enough to have an amazing product or service. Growing our local economy and being seen on the world stage is about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, constantly looking to improve, finding solutions to problems that don’t even exist yet, and thinking outside the square.

Rosewarne cites Andrew Fairhall as an excellent example of someone who walks the innovation talk and is at the cutting edge of technology. A past employee of New Zealand King Salmon, Fairhall has developed a range of unique marine farm net cleaning products called Boss Aqua.

“Through his work Andy has shown incredible commitment and ingenuity,” Rosewarne says. “We’re proud to have fostered that talent during his time with New Zealand King Salmon, as well as assisting during the product testing and feedback phase.

“And of course the bonus is we can look forward to being able to use his products in the future not only as a benefit to our business but also to support and further foster the important work he is doing, right here in the Top of the South.”

The importance of innovation in helping the Top of the South’s sustainable growth is a view shared by Marlborough Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive, Stephen Gullery.

“The Chamber considers Marlborough to be the epicurean center of New Zealand focused on excellent produce through quality sustainability practices,” says Gullery.

“It is the ability of local companies to look outside the square, to be innovative, while considering the impact on the province where they live and work, that is helping the Top of the South achieve consistent growth and ensure a sustainable future for the region.”

Grant Rosewarne urges businesses in Marlborough and Nelson to foster local innovation and to support those around us who seek to benefit our growth in sustainable ways.

New Zealand King Salmon is the world’s largest aquaculture producer of the premium King salmon species. We operate under our three key brands: Ōra King, Regal and Southern Ocean, and the New Zealand King Salmon label. We have been growing and selling salmon to consumers for more than 30 years.

The New Zealand salmon industry was the first and only ocean farmed salmon producing region to attain the ‘Best Choice’ (green) accreditation in the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch sustainability guide in 2015.

Monterey Bay is generally regarded as a global leader in sustainable seafood guides and has rated approximately 90% of global sea farmed salmon aquaculture systems. Of those reviewed, less than 1% have been rated green.

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