The Global Salmon Initiative (GSI), of which New Zealand King Salmon is a member, has just celebrated its 5th anniversary.

The initiative was launched at the AquaNor conference in Trondheim on 15 August, 2013 and since that time has united more than 50% of the industry.

In the last five years, the GSI has been shaping the future of salmon aquaculture through a focus on collaboration, accountability, transparency and innovation.

World Wildlife Fund Senior Vice President, Food and Markets, Jason Clay – who NZKS hosted in the Top of the South in 2016 – says the GSI was a “game-changer when it launched”.

“But we never anticipated the level of impact it would have, not only on salmon farming, but on the food sector as a whole.”

NZKS Marketing Manager – Corporate,  Ally Hossain, says progress and achievements around collaboration and sustainability made by the GSI and all its members, including NZKS, is globally significant.

“As a sector, we know how important it is to make every effort to understand the long-term consequences of all our actions to protect our future. We look forward to our continuing membership with this important initiative for our industry.”