Create a ripple of change

Operating sustainably is an integral part of our business. That’s why we’re asking you to share your ideas on how New Zealand King Salmon can go green. Perhaps you’ve noticed something we could be doing differently which would improve our efficiency or reduce costs. Maybe you’ve found a solution to help protect our resources, or an initiative in the community you think we should be a part of. If it helps us achieve our Sustainability Goals shown below, we want to hear from you.

We work to fulfil salmon aquaculture’s potential as a positive force for the health of people, nature and our company.

We are committed to caring for water in our region.

We are a trustworthy and transparent neighbour and community partner.

We attract and develop talented people across our diverse roles and teams.

We are committed to using resources responsibly and reducing our impacts wherever possible.

Who can apply?

Anyone who works at New Zealand King Salmon.

What kinds of ideas are you looking for?

Anything you think will help us achieve our sustainability goals, above. Big or small, all ideas and suggestions are welcome.

What does the fund provide?

The Go Green Fund will provide money or time away from the business to support projects which help us achieve our Sustainability Goals.

Together we can all play a part in helping to reduce our footprint.

Go Green Fund Application Form