New Zealand King Salmon’s Pelorus Sound sea farms are hubs of activity, rapid development and innovation, as the newest aquaculture technology available continues to be implemented throughout the company’s operations.

Aquaculture technology and capabilities are undergoing changes at such speed that by the time one new farm is finished, innovation has already moved along and improved on the design, meaning there is a need to constantly evolve and change.

Overseeing all these exciting developments in Pelorus Sound is the area’s regional manager, Charlie Park, whose team is in charge of building, maintaining and operating all the latest technology, while not losing sight of their daily core tasks of growing the fish and looking after existing farms.

Charlie Park

Charlie currently oversees three farms: Kopaua, Richmond Bay, which was rebuilt in September 2018; Waitata, Waitata Reach, rebuilt in December 2018; Waihinau, Bulwer Bay, (smolt site for the region) which was upgraded in March 2018, and which will again be re-built in March 2019.

Innovative features of the newest farms include increased floatation, stronger nets, low drag weights and bird net umbrellas, says Charlie.

New future innovations already in the pipeline are remote feeding, and modified predator net arrangement to further protect the fish from seals, he says.

“Sea farm technology is constantly evolving as capabilities improve.”

Keeping up with it all means engaging international suppliers and sometimes being part of NZ King Salmon team visits to overseas facilities to share knowledge and grow innovation throughout the industry.

It all keeps the work day interesting for Charlie.

“There’s great people, great fish, a great environment and all this in a fast-moving industry.”