New Zealand King Salmon has been at the receiving end of high industry praise recently, hauling in two awards for our research and development and environmental sustainability work.

During the recent Marine Farming Association Awards dinner at Nelson’s Monaco Resort, we were very proud to see Omega Innovations, a division of NZKS, receive the Research and Development Award, which was sponsored by Sensor Systems.

The award celebrates Omega team leader Simon Thomas’ work in adding value to NZKS remaining raw materials such as Omega Plus, Big Catch Burley, Compost and raw based ingredients.

A former chef turned product developer, Simon and his team have created a range of 21 varieties of premium pet food using these salmon by-products.

We also received the vessel Environmental Certification from the Marine Farming Association (MFA).

NZKS Environmental Project Manager Karen Mant says the certification recognises the company’s ongoing dedication and hard work towards environmental sustainability.

Simon Thomas, NZKS’s Omega Innovations team leader and award winner (credit: Stuff)

Karen Mant NZKS with MFA president Jonathan Large

“We are very pleased to be awarded Environmental Certification, which reflects the high environmental and vessel standards that we practise as part of our normal operations.”

The Environmental Certification was established by the MFA Environment and Compliance Committee to standardise vessels across the aquaculture industry to ensure all companies of all sizes were working towards the same standards.

To gain certification, vessel crews and companies have to demonstrate their knowledge and comply with the Industry Standard Operating Procedures and Codes of Practices before vessels are audited and passed as compliant by the MFA Environmental Mentor or a representative of the MFA Environment and Compliance Committee.

Another criteria is that crews participate in regular beach clean ups in their allocated areas, or as part of a clean-up roster in several Top of the South locations, and take part in the Big Day Out each December.

Certified companies are able to carry the Environmental Certification logo on their vessels and websites. The committee regularly monitors vessels and farms which carry the certification to ensure criteria continue to be met.