Media release 1 February 2017 – Marlborough’s Cuddon Limited has just won a contract worth in excess of $2 million to build a large scale feed barge for New Zealand King Salmon.

Andy Rowe, CEO of Cuddon Limited describes winning the contract as “a significant milestone in both our long term relationship with New Zealand King Salmon and also for the wider Marlborough community. We’re absolutely delighted to have been awarded this major project – it underlines not only our ability but also the abilities of our sub-contractors within the region.”

“Cuddon Limited and New Zealand King Salmon have a long association working together and we’re delighted that their proposal for this project was the best fit over those from larger international companies, both on quality and price,” says New Zealand King Salmon CEO, Grant Rosewarne.

When it is completed in 2017, the barge will be used to store and distribute salmon feed, and will be located at the new Waitata salmon farm in the Pelorus Sound, recently opened by Hon. Nick Smith. Much larger than its predecessors, the new barge will contain up to 240 MT of salmon feed – 1-2 weeks’ worth of feed at current farm capacity.

The existing Waitata barge will move to Kopāua and be replaced by this latest, larger barge. The project is a key part of developing infrastructure for the Kopāua farm, which is outlined in New Zealand King Salmon’s Product Disclosure Statement for its Initial Public Offering.

The importance of local businesses supporting each other to help the region grow and prosper is a view shared by Marlborough Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive, Stephen Gullery.

Gullery says, “it is extremely pleasing to see the growth of one local Marlborough industry benefit another. It’s sharing this prosperity that grows the local economy and creates other positives within the region.”

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